Lovejoy Invitational

2019 Lovejoy Track & Field Invitational
Saturday, March 2nd 2019

Meet Info for Coaches:


1) Lovejoy
2) Colleyville Heritage
3) Marietta, OK
4) J.J. Pearce
5) Frisco Memorial
6) Frisco Wakeland
7) Frisco Liberty
8) Frisco Heritage
9) Dallas Jesuit
10) Dallas HSAA
11) Frisco Lone Star
12) Chilsom Trail

Frisco Reedy Individuals in Steeple

Some Individuals for Steeple Chase and other events upon request – Email

Meet Schedule:

7:30 AM  Scratch Meeting – Field House Team Room (east side of field house)

8:30 AM   

4 Attempts for LJ, TJ, Shot, and Disc. 3 Attempts for HJ and PV                                                                  
Triple Jump: East/West Runway – JVG, VG, JVB, VB
Long Jump: North/South Runway – JVB, VB, JVG, VG
High Jump: Pit #1 – VG, then JVG / Pit #2 – VB, then JVB
Shot Put: JVG, VG, JVB, VB
Discus: JVB, VB, JVG, VG
Pole Vault: VG/VB/JVG/JVB – Held in Indoor Facility – Athletes must enter through east doors. No outside food of drink allowed in indoor facility.

Jalevin: VG, VB – Will begin once Discus and Shot Put are both concluded

RUNNING EVENTS (All Running Events are Finals)
9:00 AM
3200M RUN:  JVG, JVB, VG, VB

11:30 AM
DMR: VG, VB (1200M, 400M, 800M, 1600M)

12:50 PM
National Anthem

1:00 PM
4X100M Relay:             JVG, JVB, VG, VB
800M Run:                    JVG, JVB, VG, VB
100M Hurdles:              JVG, VG
110M Hurdles:               JVB, VB
100M Dash:                    JVG, JVB, VG, VB
4X200M Relay:             JVG, JVB, VG, VB
2000M Steeplechase:   VG, VB
400M Dash:                   JVG, JVB, VG, VB
300M Hurdles:              JVG, VG, JVB, VB
200M Dash:                   JVG, JVB, VG, VB
1600M Run:                   JVG, JVB, VG, VB
4X400M Relay:             JVG, JVB, VG, VB

Heat Sheets
Will be posted after registration closes

Lovejoy High School Stadium
2350 Estates Parkway
Lucas, TX 75002

Entry Fee: 
$200 for Full Boys Team (VAR & JV)/$200 for Full Girls Team (VAR & JV)

$10 for Individual Entries in the 2000M Steeple & Field Events
Limited Individual Entries for other running events – Must email for approval Individuals email for acceptance

Make Checks Payable to Lovejoy Track/XC Booster Club NOT Lovejoy ISD
Checks made out to Lovejoy ISD, Lovejoy High School, Lovejoy Athletics etc can not be accepted, mailed back, and a new check requested.

Mail Checks to:
Lovejoy High School
Attn: Lovejoy Track/XC Booster Club
2350 Estates Parkway
Lucas, TX 75002

W-9 Form for Booster Club Click Here:
Lovejoy XCTF Booster W9

Registration will close by Thursday – 2/28/19 at 8:00 PM

Fully Automatic Timing by Rick Watkins of Flash Timing

Randy Adair

Tim Cook and Greg Young

Team Trophies to Champion Teams in each division
Top 3 Medals to all events in each division

Awards may be picked up at the conclusion of the meet in the Meeting Room at the Field House (east side)

T-Shirt Sales:
Fine Designs will be on site with T-Shirt sales

Buses park in the southwest parking lot of the facility (in front of the indoor facility and west of the stadium).

Team Camps: 
Teams may set up camp on the visitor side (east side of stadium). No team camps may be set up on the infield. We also ask that athletes are not on the infield unless they are warming up, about to race, or cooling down. Please make sure your athletes police their camp area and clean up all trash when the meet is completed.

We will have a hospitality room with breakfast items and coffee for the scratch meeting at 7:30 AM for coaches and workers. We will also have lunch available for coaches and workers from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM in the meeting room of the field house (east side).

Track/Facility Care: 
No chalk or athletic tape on the track.  Tennis balls or rubber markers are allowed on Track. Chalk or rubber markers may be used on runways and high jump area – no athletic tape.

Concessions Stand:
Concession stand open on south side of home bleachers.

Admission Fee:
Adults $5 / Students $3

Meet Coordinator:
Logan Kelly
Lovejoy Track & Field Coordinator
903-821-8399 Cell

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