Booster Clubs


Links to Booster Club websites
Diamond Booster Club  (Baseball)
Fast Break Booster Club (Boys Basketball)
D-Up Booster Club  (Girls Basketball)
Cross Country / Track & Field Booster Club (Private Site – Password Required)
Cross Country / Track & Field Booster Club (Public Site) 
Gridiron Booster Club (Football)
Golf:   tba
Upper 90 Booster Club (Boys & Girls Soccer)
Grand Slam Booster Club  (Softball)
Lovejoy Swim & Dive Booster Club (Swim & Dive)
Leopard Aces Booster Club (Tennis)
LOJO Volleyball Booster Club  (Volleyball)
Takedown Booster Club (Wrestling)

Booster Club Bylaws
Bylaws – Lovejoy Leopards Inc
Bylaws – Diamond Club
Bylaws – Fastbreak Club
Bylaws – D-Up Club
Bylaws – Gridiron Club
Bylaws – Hole-In-One Club
Bylaws – Upper 90 Club
Bylaws – Grand Slam Club
Bylaws – Swim & Dive Club
Bylaws – Leopard Aces Club
Bylaws – LOJO Volleyball Club
Bylaws – Takedown Club

Booster Club Forms
Activity Form
Collection of Booster Club Funds Agreement
Lovejoy ISD Facilities Use Request

Operating Manual
2016-17 Lovejoy ISD Athletic Booster Club Operating Manual with forms and UIL Guidelines