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Athletic Facilities


Lovejoy Leopard Stadium, Gym, Tennis Courts, Softball and Baseball Fields are located
at Lovejoy High School, 2350 Estates Parkway, Lucas, TX 75002

Leopard Stadium home stands seating diagram


Facility Reservations
To use any LISD athletic facility, you must first get approval by submitting a Facility Use Request (FUR) form to the athletic office.

No Outside Coolers or Drinks at Leopard Stadium
This is a reminder that outside coolers and drinks will not be allowed in the stadium.  This means that folks will not be allowed to bring in their own water bottles, soft drink bottles, Sonic cups, personal cups, or the equivalent. Fans will need to discard these items before entering our events. If you have some sort of medical issue that would warrant an exception, please contact cindy_booker@lovejoyisd.net to get a waiver issued from the administration office. If you have an infant or toddler, you will be allowed to bring in baby bottles or sippy cups. Please understand that our gate workers are only enforcing the policy that we have asked them to follow.

Public Access:  Leopard Stadium, Track & Field
The stadium, track & field will be accessible on school days from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The gates will be locked on school holidays, breaks, and weekends.
(Public access suspended while the new pressbox is under construction.)

Public Access: Lovejoy High School Tennis Courts
The LHS tennis courts may be used by the public when they are not being used by the school.  To turn on the lights, there is a button on the shed on the north side of the courts.  The button is on the south end of the building.   Lights go off at 10:00 PM.  To reserve courts for teams, please contact the athletic office. .