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Multiple Teams · Basketball Team Rafts in Oklahoma

The boys’ basketball team and their dads traveled with the coaching to staff to the Riversport Rafting Center in Oklahoma City this past week for team building and goal setting.

The weekend started with rock climbing, trampoline basketball, super slides, kayaking, and ropes courses.  After a couple of hours of activities, the party of 22 rafters hit the water.  The Riversport facility is home to Level 4 rapids that are created with six water pumps that individually can fill an Olympic size swimming pool in about 10 seconds.  The groups navigated the water with near perfect success with only one group getting capsized.

After an hour of rafting, the party traveled downtown for dinner and finished up with several hours of culture-defining, goal setting, and opportunities for the fathers and sons to share the hopes for the coming season.

Player Comments from the weekend:

“I thought it was a great experience for us to build team chemistry and grow as a team.  We focused on our team’s identity and culture and set goals for the season.” -Sophomore, Drew Doig

“Getting to go to the rapids with the team was something absolutely memorable.  Definitely, an experience my Dad and I won’t forget.” – Senior, Jace Berryman

“Going to OKC and rafting this weekend with the team was a lot of fun.  Our team chemistry got strong and we had a great time doing it.” – Junior, Joe Vastano

“I enjoyed having a great bonding experience with my teammates, coaches, and my Dad.  I also enjoyed getting to meet everyone’s dad and get to know everyone a little bit better.  What I got out of this was an amazing time and a chance to try something new with some new friends.  I look forward to having a great time with my team throughout the rest of the year.” -Senior, Marlon Esteves Jr

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