Multiple Teams · Coaches Spotlight: Lauren McDaniel


Canva - Lauren McDaniel

Each week the Lovejoy Athletic Department will feature the outstanding contributions from a member of our coaching staff.  We appreciate the time, dedication, and the leadership that they invest in our student-athletes.  This week’s Spotlight is on 1st-year coach and Lovejoy Alum, Lauren McDaniel.

High School Attended: Lovejoy High School – 1st Graduating Class Ever

College Attended: Stephen F. Austin University

How many years have you coached and what schools have you coached at?  1st year in high school, three years including club volleyball.

How many years have you coached in Lovejoy? 1st Year

What sports do you coach?   Volleyball and Track

What is the best part of coaching in Lovejoy?  The best part about coaching at Lovejoy is being back home where I had my own volleyball career at and continuing the traditions from the coaching side.

What is one of your most memorable moments in coaching?  My most memorable moment was my first year coaching at Dallas Premier. I was the head coach of the 2nd team and by the end of the season my team ended up finishing ahead of the top team. Overall the whole season was a great one to start my career in coaching.

Who is your favorite athlete and why?  My favorite athlete is Kerri Walsh Jennings for multiple reasons. The first reason is she is so fun to watch. She plays so smart and passionately. A second reason is she is an all around good person, teammate, a competitor. I loved watching the way she handled herself when they lost at the last Olympic Games. She was such a great sport. Finally, she inspires me to stay fit. If someone who had multiple kids, a husband, and lives a normal life can train for the Olympics at age 39 then anyone can.

What do you like to do outside of work?  I love to go to the movies and find new places to eat delicious food.

What is the best part of being a coach?   The best part about being a coach is the relationships you get to build with these girls while watching them compete in a sport I love.