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Multiple Teams · Girls Soccer Spotlight: Madison Ray

Madison is a senior and has been playing soccer since she was four. Her favorite positions include both midfield and defense. Her favorite soccer memory thus far was when Betsy collapsed on the field for not having enough potassium in her at the time.

Outside of soccer, Madison enjoys singing in the school choir, participating in church activities, hanging with friends, playing piano and baking cookies. If she’s not baking, you might find her listening to Ben Rector, her favorite singer/songwriter or listening to Judah and The Lion. She could very well be watching her must see tv show, New Girl.

Her favorite teachers she’s had at Lovejoy are Bryce Sawyers and Theresa Dollinger. Her favorite class was AP Human Geography. If given the opportunity, Madison thinks she might enjoy playing volleyball. On the team, she most admires her little sis, Lizzie Weichel.

If she could have one super power, Madison would want to be able to fly. If she could be an animal, she’d love to be a goat because in the words of Lizzie McGuire “why not?”

Right now, Madison has several schools at the top of her list including ACU, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, OC, and OU. She is looking forward to studying either Kinesiology and Nutrition or Nursing.

We’re beyond thankful for Madison and her four years in the Lovejoy Soccer Program. She will leave behind a group who adores her sense of humor, her devotion to her teammates, and her willingness to pitch in and help to contribute in any way possible. We will definitely miss her next year!