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Multiple Teams · Soccer Player Spotlight: Emily Bryant


Emily is a senior and has been playing soccer since 8th grade. Her favorite position on the field is left back. We’re looking for a strong year from Emily who brings a lot of speed to that outside flank.

Her favorite soccer memory was when Cassie Duke didn’t want to get in trouble with the referee so she literally sat down and meditated in the opponent’s 18 yard box. On the field, she most admires Jensyn Caton. If Emily were to try another sport, she thinks she would enjoy volleyball.

Outside of soccer, Emily is involved in choir and loves both hammocking and hanging out with friends. Her favorite class at Lovejoy was AP Lang. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Sawyers. Emily’s favorite genre of music is hip hop and she loves Chance the Rapper. The last good book she read was Milk and Honey and she enjoys watching OITNB.

If she could have one super power, Emily would love to be able to travel in time. She has two pets of her own. And if she was given the chance to be an animal for the day, she would choose a sea turtle.

Emily would like to go to Texas A&M and study Oceanography. If you’re looking for her around town, you might catch her at her favorite restaurant, Bluefish.

We’re beyond thankful for Emily and her four years in the Lovejoy Soccer Program. She is both sure of herself and humble. She is coachable and has a wonderful sense of humor. We’re sure going to miss her next year.