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Multiple Teams · Girls Soccer Player Spotlight: Sydney Fluker

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Sydney is a freshman and has been playing soccer since she was five. She played for Coach Baker last year on the eighth grade team, and we’re excited to have her at the high school this year. Sydney says her favorite position to play is outside mid and that her favorite experience with the Lovejoy Soccer Program thus far was camp this past summer. If she could play any other sport, she thinks she would like to try golf.

Outside of soccer, Sydney enjoys playing the cello and spending time with her family and friends. Her favorite classes are math and science. Post high school, Sydney would love to enter the medical field and potentially attend Texas A&M.

Her favorite TV shows are Grey’s Anatomy and The Flash. Her favorite movie is The Giver, and if you catch her around town, she is probably eating at her favorite restaurant Bonefish. If she could have one superpower, she would love to be the fastest person alive and be able to run on water and do anything she wanted at a heightened pace.

Within the program, Sydney says she admires Leighton most. We’re thrilled to have Sydney in the program and are already impressed by her work ethic. We’re excited to spend the next four years learning what she can do both on and off the field in Lovejoy.