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Multiple Teams · WSMS “Coach of the Week” – Tandi Robison

Tandi is in her third year at WSMS.  She is a graduate of Amarillo Tascosa High School and Harding University with a Mid-Level Math and Science Elementary Degree and a Masters as a Reading Specialist.  Tandi currently coaches 8th grade volleyball, 7th grade basketball and track.

“We are very excited to have Tandi on our WS Coaching Staff.  She brings a positive energy to all her student/athletes and pushes them daily to be their best.  She is a true asset here at Lovejoy and we are fortunate to have her coaching/teaching at Willow Springs.” – (Jim Bob Puckett – LISD Athletic Director)

Name:                   Tandi Robison                                    

LISD Sport(s) Coached: 8th grade Volleyball, 7th and 8th basketball and track

High School: Tascosa High School (Amarillo Tx)       College: Harding University

Degree: Mid-Level Math and Science, Elementary Education, Masters in Reading- Reading Specialist    

Spouse: Jordan Robison   (Years): 8 months

Favorite Sport: This is such a hard question! I’m a sports enthusiast. My favorite sport to watch is basketball, my favorite sport to play is volleyball.

Why:  I just love competition. I love the flow of both of those games and the athleticism that it displays. The fact that every single play matters, one small bad streak can put you in a hole, but at the same time one great run can win games. 

Favorite Athlete:  Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan Why:    What they accomplished for their respective sport is incredible. Watching Tiger in his prime was beyond anything we will ever see again. And MJ is MJ, he’s the best competitor to ever play, and he set the standard for players like Lebron and Steph to be able to play the game the way they do now.

Favorite Coach: Coach K Why:  Besides the fact that he’s the greatest to coach to ever live, he’s such a student of the game. In the last few years his team has evolved and he’s learned to coach to a different type of player. He coaches discipline and character as well as x’s and o’s.

Athletic Background: I started playing basketball around age 4-5 and continued in AAU and then played in high school. I started playing volleyball in elementary school and played club volleyball, and into high school.        

Coaching/Teaching Experience (Years):     This is my fourth year at Lovejoy, where I started my teaching and coaching career.                    

Teaching Certification: In Texas I’m certified in 6-8 grade science. In Arkansas where I went to school I’m certified elementary education, mid-level math and science, mid-level English and history and k-12 reading.             

Coaching Background: While I was getting my masters at Harding University I was the graduate assistant for the volleyball program which is where I really realized my passion for coaching.   

Favorite Coaching Moment:    I have a new favorite coaching moment every year. Because I coach middle school I have almost a different group each year, and each year brings its own set of new favorite moments. Some of my favorite moments come from little things like a player telling me they finally get it, or at the end of the season hearing the girls talk about how much they have learned that season. Those are some of my favorite moments.

Philosophy of Coaching:  I want each person I coach to become a better player of the game, but more importantly I want them to be a better person. I want them to know above all else that they have someone on their side, someone who cares for them here at school. I want my athletes to know the importance of athletics, but also remember that it’s not the most important.

Hobbies: Crossfit, running, walking our dogs Duke and Cooper, FCA, being involved in our church Watermark, and watching sports with my husband or Netflix.

Something that people may not know about you: My third sport in high school was golf. I’m not a fantastic golfer, but it was fun to get out there and do something different in the spring.

Why Lovejoy ISD? The students here at Lovejoy are the kind of kids that everyone hopes they get to teach and coach in their lifetime. They are dedicated to becoming better athletes, and students. They are respectful, and more than that they are just fun to be around. I consider myself very blessed to get to work with such awesome kids each day.