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Multiple Teams · WSMS Coach of the Week – Chris Osborne

This weeks WSMS “Coach of the Week” is Chris Osborne.  This is Chris’s first year at Lovejoy.  He has a tremendous personality for our middle school student/athletes and pushes them each day to reach their full potential. Coach Osborne coaches Football, Boys Basketball and Track for the Leopards.  “I’ve been very impressed with Coach Osborne’s work ethic and his take charge attitude.  He is doing a fine job for us here at Willow Springs.” – Jim Bob Puckett (Lovejoy ISD Athletic Director)

Name:                   Christopher Osborne                                                                        

LISD Sport(s) Coached: 8th Basketball, 8th Football                                                    

High School:         San Antonio Christian School           College:     Texas A&M          

Degree:       Applied Exercise Physiology                                                           

Favorite Sport:    Basketball                               Why:  I grew up in San Antonio where all we had were the Spurs. I grew up playing basketball at a young age, and fell in love with it.                          

Favorite Athlete: Tim Duncan                                      Why:  He has mastered the fundamentals of the game, is a great teammate, and always keeps his cool on the court.

Favorite Coach:    Greg Popovich                                  Why:                             

Athletic Background:    HS Basketball                                                               

Coaching/Teaching Experience (Years):     1st Year Teacher and have been coaching for 3 years

Teaching Certification: Math 7-12                                                                      

Coaching Background:   I learned and grew from being on Texas A&M practice squad, as well as coaching a lot of rec teams throughout college. I continued after college to coach JV basketball at a private Christian school in San Antonio.           

Philosophy of Coaching: I love putting players on the court that deserve to win. Those players are the ones that might not be the most talented, but they work the hardest and hustle every day in practice. Those players are respectful on and off the court, and may have more character than they do talent. These are the players that I love to coach and believe will win me games.                                                                                           

Hobbies:     Hunting, fly fishing, wood working, and playing sports.                            

Something that people may not know about you:          I know a good amount of card tricks.                                                                                                                           

Why Lovejoy ISD?                   I enjoy coaching at Lovejoy because of the students. I have not come across a more respectful and hardworking group of athletes. These coachable athletes, as well as the hard working coaches I get to work alongside, have made my first year here at Lovejoy a memorable one.